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What's It Like to Be Lost and Alone?

Hurricane Katrina and Iowa Flood Cat
Refugees are Among Many Special
Needs Felines that Need Your Help at
C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter

C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter in Nashua, Iowa, has several refugees from Hurricane Katrina as well as many felines who survived flooding across Iowa in the past years. These beautiful babies survived the horrors of the hurricane only to be diagnosed with health problems. These cats would have been euthanized because, with their health problems, such as Feline Leukemia, they would most certainly be considered 'undadoptable'. These beautiful babies lost their families in the storm, we couldn't let them lose their lives. They join many special needs felines who call C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter their 'forever home'.

Here at C & W Rustic Hollow Shelter we have a beautiful peaceful no-kill animal shelter on 190 acres staffed 24 hours a day. We are one of the few places in the United States were animals deemed “unadoptable” due to health, age or special needs can come and live their lives in one of our several animal homes. Yes, these are actual homes where the animals are safe and have freedom to walk, sleep, play, look out windows and even go outside in special enclosed outdoor cat rooms.

We have staff who comes in 7 days a week to the sanctuary clean and care for the cats and dogs. We also have staff who live on-site. We run our sanctuary on a very responsible manner with 100% of donations going to the care of the animals and upkeep of the facilities.

  • See pictures and learn more about our 190 acre no-kill, cage-free, special needs life care sanctuary for cats and dogs with disabilities, Feline Leukemia or FIV, or those displaced at the death of their guardian. We have been operating for over 12 years and have lots of great pictures and stories.

  • Hear about the stories of our individual cats and dogs. Each newsletter features more heart-warming and wonderful stories of these loving animals. (Our news is good news.)

  • Learn how you can sponsor or help one of the special needs Felines.

  • Learn about our Safety Net Program. If something happens to you and you are unable to care for your beloved animal (through death or disability) we will be the safety net. We will assure your animal has a safe, loving forever home either here at our beautiful sanctuary or in a loving adoptive home, whichever you pre-choose.

  • Learn more about our sanctuary and the programs we offer. Even learn more about how you can come visit and see our beautiful sanctuary first hand.

  • Learn how you can give financial support or material donations to help the cats and dogs at C & W through donations, sponsorships, trusts & estate giving.

  • Discover how you can become a volunteer and share your time or special talents to help the cats and dogs here. You can do this locally or long-distance. We have volunteers in many states.

  • And much, much, much more...