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C & W is supported solely by donations, sponsorships of the resident felines, grants & estate giving. We receive no county, state, or federal funding. We also conduct a variety of fund raisers each year. All sponsorships & donations go directly to the daily care of the felines in residence.

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We recently won a spot on the 2023 Top-Rated List for

Thank you to all of our supporters for your wonderful reviews. We have been fortunate to receive this honor multiple times.

Become a Special Contributor

By making a one-time donation for a specific purpose.

Sponsor a Cat

It costs approximately $2,200 a month for wet food and dry food to feed our cats... If all possible, we encourage sponsoring a feline friend!

Sponsor a cat for $50 a month per cat. Your sponsorship will help with the daily care, feeding, and any medical needs of these felines. You will receive updates upon request of your ‘adoptee’.

If you cannot have an animal in your home, what better way than to help a kitty through sponsoring one at Rustic Hollow Sanctuary?

How else can I help?

Become a Member

Your Membership shows your ongoing commitment to Rustic Hollow Sanctuary. For this, you will receive our print newsletter four to five times a year along with other mailings.

Your membership will go directly to the care and feeding and medical needs of the cats rescued and cared for by Rustic Hollow Sanctuary.

To become a member, fill out the information below!

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Become a Member

To receive our newsletter, we ask you to join us as members in a mission for the animals so we may continue to share the ‘good news’ and ‘happenings’ at Rustic Hollow Sanctuary.

Thanks for submitting!

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