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Our History

The Founders

To co-founders Carmen and Wanda, C & W Rustic Shelter simply evolved over the years. They believe that it was never their intention, nor did they wake up one day and say, "Hey, let's start an animal sanctuary today." Carmen's career was in music education, and she taught for quite a few years. Wanda's career was in business, and she worked 25 years for Social Security Administration.

Carmen writes, "During the early 80's....'because we lived on a 'farm,' we were sought out to take in stray cats, injured cats, cats of all kinds. So, it was in 1985 when we decided we needed to become responsible pet caregivers. We started the slow process of altering and vaccinating each cat and giving them proper shelter and veterinary care."

And so began C & W Rustic Hollow Sanctuary. Read below for a timeline of our organization and mission.


Timeline of Rustic Hollow


Jodie's Rainbow Room 

Jodie's Rainbow Room was built thanks to generous donations we received from sanctuary supporters. This room has been rebuilt 2x since it endured flooding in 2021. We now use this room for our 'hospice' kitties nearing their end stages, as well as kitties requiring more ongoing medical treatments.


Apollo's House, Sandy's Kitty Haven, & Bradley's House

Apollo's House was once home to all of our FIV positive felines, but after needing numerous repairs we decided to relocate all of those immune compromised felines to Kitty Kabin & now Apollo's is used for on-site living for our Staff Supervisor. Shelter residents now have someone on-site daily 24/7 365 days each year.

The Sandra Mcintire Building (Sandy's Kitty Haven) was built and paid for solely by Sandra in 2007. She was in the final stages of cancer and wanted her cats to have a safe home for the rest of their lives.


Bradley's House-in memory of Bradley d.Kat was built in 2010.

This building honors the memory of a special cat who was rescued from a farm by a delivery man 'named' Bradley.


The Kat Barn & The Kitty Kottage

Originally named, The Kat Barn, this 1913 building served as our very first 'sanctuary building'. This building has endured multiple floods, the last one as recently as 2021. 

The Kitty Kottage is the original over a century old farm house that our Co-founder Carmen grew up in (at that time without the central heat & AC the cats enjoy now). Some of the residents misuse or do not use at all the litter box. Many have been displaced at the death or inability of their guardian to continue caring for them; others have been rescued from hoarding situations, and are fearful of people. 

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